09 December 2013

new to us

and new favorite place on the internet, studiopatrick

ps: we're adding to our shop soonish, like in the week. stay tuned.


06 December 2013

holiday pop-up at YOGA GARDEN

come see what we've been working on.....


( 1229 Tyler Street NE
Suite 140, mpls)

stop and shop or have a Mimosa and just say hello ... we would love to see you!

Saturday December 7th
(that's t o m o r r o w)

1 -4 pm

Jewelry and Beautiful Things Made by:



Nick Lundeen

Pete Cairns

Brown Ink


ps: hi stephanie! you don't have to look at the spring post anymore. whew.

22 May 2013

spring. is. here. AND we're. back. at. it.

this winter was long. we're not making excuses, it's just a fact. we're pretty sure there was snow on the ground a few weeks ago. now that it's warm and flowers are blooming we've forgotten it all. the huge change in weather is one of the many things we like about living here, but this year we collectively (i am speaking for our entire state here) had to just put our heads down and power through. we were not making a damn thing. making things for us, is about joy. we're there now. bring on the blissful summer months. between being outside for long days with our kids, digging in the garden, spending time in the evenings on the porch, we might just make more things. we remember why we started doing it in the first place. the joy is back. just in time. get in there, it's all sparkly new.


01 May 2013

Sven, handmade here

and now for another fanatical shoe entry...
today we headed north to the Sven clog (they make clogs for No. 6, among others) factory and outlet. they recently re-opened their shop in the top floor of their small headquarters with shelves upon shelves of beautiful shoes. i think we had nearly every pair in each of our respective sizes out/on/walked around/played with by the baby/ before we each walked out with one or two pairs. the woman helping us opened the doors downstairs to show us where all the magic happens- we watched her make a pair of clogs, landing long staples to connect the leather to wooden bases. bam bam bam and done. utterly magical- every step handmade here in Minnesota. We love where we live.


19 February 2013

no particular order

spending ample time at m's space, baguettes for miles, st. germain is really hitting the spot, we thrift in high-tops, subtle winter, yarn discovering, our first shop order in a long while for shop myrtle, citrus for miles, anything on michelle's red table begs for a photograph, and matching the snow.

(and pssss some marked down items.)


06 January 2013

bright new

working. on. new. pieces. here. and. there.

11 December 2012

3 yr old art direction

---- more new in the shop. and again later this week ------


03 December 2012

01 December 2012


you just can't say cheeriup without an exclamation point. try it. cheeriup (exclamation point!) is a thoughtful new venture by our friend kelly. she takes native recycled willow branches and weaves and maneuvers them into simple yet intricate outdoor or indoor play structures (thickets) for kids of all sizes. i visited her brand new studio space a couple weeks ago and was blown away by both her process and the seemingly endless compositions and good bits littered all around her work space.

in kelly's words...

"CHEERIUP Thickets© was born from a desire to provide our spunky, city-mouse daughter a natural and enchanting outdoor play space. I imagined a wholesome place she could call her own, an inspiring place she and her friends could lose themselves for hours in imaginative play, a safe place she could escape to for nurturing solitude, and a timelessly lovely place our entire family could live alongside for years to come (vs. the onslaught of rainbow-colored plastic or digital simulacrums that overwhelm new families.) All this, combined with my own Art, Design, and Education background led to a giant hut made of sticks in our backyard: a Thicket. The unexpected outcome has been how much our ENTIRE family enjoys the Thicket. We share shady picnic lunches together, listening to baby birds cheeping from nests in the tree above. We curl up in blankets, reading books together on crisp Autumn afternoons. And from time to time, once our vigorous kidlet has finally fallen asleep for the night, we parents enjoy an evening glass of wine surrounded by rings of willow flickering in candlelight. Pure magic.
What will you discover in your dream Thicket?"

a thicket in the works, nearly complete 

if you're in minneapolis and want a real cheeriup experience, kelly has been hard at work all week weaving a 9 foot tall thicket that will reside in michelle's new impeccable, beyond perfect studio space, which is already becoming our new second home (an entry about that coming up, in fact).


14 November 2012

a good year in her garden

from kindra, it's all her.


12 November 2012


new things are being made. we were scared that after such a long break, we wouldn't be able to find our rhythm again. we were wrong. this feels right. come and look around.