29 July 2011

! win some dD ! (and other happenings)

jen brought me flowers the other day- for no reason at all. because that's what she does. i know! what a partner in crime i have.

 ------ feeling lucky? win some dD! ------

and some dinner from the other night (grilled salmon with grilled sweet potatoes and a beet and goat cheese salad). wish i had this spread out before me now....so hungry.


27 July 2011

Big Things home/studio

we've crushed on rebecca goldschmidt's shop, now we can crush all over the Big Things charming "headquarters". eeeek love!  via refinery 29


24 July 2011

20 July 2011

arm parties*

 /--------------------------- fun items of sharing ----------------------------------\

1. welcome to the shop, new little bracelet!
3. their new shop is absolutely perfect.
4. kinfolk is shaping up to be a sweet publication. 
5. i look forward to his commentary every week. 
6. * as said by the man repeller. you following her adventures? hilarity.

 happy humpday

18 July 2011

hot trio


far away friend

dearest E
i swear it
was made
in japan
for you, or
you were
made in 
for it.
love E

an embroidered octopus silk shirt sent from a dearest friend (if you ever find yourself in phnom penh, cambodia you should stop by her new gallery space, sa sa bassac). i declare it my summer uniform of 2011!

some new dD items coming right up, stay tuned. and a few items are back in our etsy shop, while our big cartel remains the main gig.


14 July 2011

jen's studio sale

--- come one come all ---
over to jen's studio sale where she is clearing out all her eclectic, vintage, crazy ephemera treasures. only 4 days.

and sending sweet happy birthday wishes to jen's boy who turns 2 YEARS OLD today! 


13 July 2011

``````` WILD FLOWERS `````

pluck smell assemble & arrange ta da


11 July 2011



10 July 2011

07 July 2011

minnesota speak

images from our time up north.  and more coming soon.

"up north": a cabin, a second home, or any kind of lodging in minnesota that's north of where you are when you use the term.


01 July 2011

for: YOU!

its sunny its hot its summer 
lets celebrate with two brand new color and shapes.