30 October 2011

well well well

 W E ' R E

!  !
! ! !


27 October 2011

Gönül Paksoy

unbelievable shapes and materials and composition and on and on!
----- from here -----


26 October 2011

annie larson: HAT SHOP

our heads need warmth in the form of a cheery pattern (can't decide between the ones above) and no one delivers that better than annie larson (who we sadly just said goodbye to as she moved from minneapolis to brooklyn).  we were so bummed to read this the other day- even more reason to support her and others creating incredibly original and beautifully crafted work.

photos by ALL


24 October 2011

i went to KIOSK and all i bought was twine

and with a description like that, it was worth every cent of the $7 i paid for it.
other items i had my eye on:
+ mouth teaching tool


22 October 2011

21 October 2011

lunch at Eat

my most satisfying eating situation last week went down in greenpoint, brooklyn at a sweet spot named Eat – it was decked out with handmade pottery, minimum decoration/frills, warm service and a simple yet thoughtful menu. my friends went home with that that lovely trio up there (second from the bottom) and the potters (jordon colon & arla bascom) were even there to wrap up the goods and send us on our way. good eat.


19 October 2011


we've been known to xerox some items in our day, but this takes the cake...hmmmm xeroxing cake...


neon spraypaint might be our new favorite thing

(and yes, the siding is nearly the same color of blah fleshy nude as that poor chair was. if only a new house color was this easy to remedy...)


17 October 2011


hello! we're sneaking 1 new bracelet into the shop today. item #273- which means we're inching our way closer to making/selling our 300th made-by-our-hands-dD-item. whew. it's a nice little number with a little wood, some seed beads and a touch of neon yellow to boot.


16 October 2011

a day lazying about at --- STORM KING

oh man, what a day and a welcome change of pace from nyc. it felt like a giant deep breath -the sculptures were gigantic, the land was vast, and the air light and warm. the terrain around there reminded me of southern minnesota, felt right at home. i recommend a visit to storm king sculpture park if you ever find yourself in that area.


14 October 2011

studio visit // clare grill

while i was in new york, i was lucky enough to pay a visit to my dear friend clare in her work/live studio in queens (actually, we were there for a perfect dinner party (ghost stories included) until the wee hours and i spontaneously sprang a studio visit on her. surprise!). i count clare among one of my favorite painters and i'm sure you can see why. view all her work here.


13 October 2011

NYC: details textures shapes patterns fun

all on a recent jaunt to brooklyn and nyc -- these images make the city seem quaint and not hurried, don't they? much more on the trip soon.


12 October 2011

new items in the works...

we're starting some special pieces for a few exciting holiday projects (more news on that soon)... which means: more new beads + new ideas +  new combinations = new goods for you (soon!)


09 October 2011

this weekend... or... more from our favorites

last week we posted via Simple Lovely about our favorites... and this weekend i revisited that list on my to dos: check and check. let me share my productivity in non-dD related projects (ohhh and we promise- there has been a lot in the works on the dD front and we'll give you the low done soon)

1) re-potted quite possibly my very favorite plant: Baby Tears. sad name but this sweet dainty little bit will live through my negligence and still keep rocking all the splendor of indoor-lush-green.

2) boiled some water, took out a handful of bowls, mixed and poured dye- the result: some hot new colors for my little ones feet- he has declared the purple his favorite. I'd agree.


08 October 2011

!!!!!! !!!!! !!!!! !!!!!

vintage silk caftan- check. 
huge photo of the everglades swamp- check.

07 October 2011

... the last of the brights ...


06 October 2011

NEON RED (can you picture that color?)

now that we're seeing these guys side by side, we're noticing they'd make a killer pair, but they are for sale separately. and no, those are not scary severed fingers up there. i'm trying to show you the amazing nail polish i made by mixing together neon orange with a coral red = it really does make the perfect color that this photo is not illustrating to the fullest! anyway, you can head over to the shop to check out the new ones.


05 October 2011

house love/blog love

all from <<< inside >>>  individual images sources there.

04 October 2011

it's knitting season...

a hat for my little boy is on the agenda. one of these patterns will be modified to become a hat-like item to keep his ears warm... and fall is good for just these kinds of activities. (now if we could only find yarn in neons and brights that felt as good as it looked)

three patterns: here, here, and here